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Emi joins NYNME

November 11, 2015

I'm thrilled to be joining the phenomenal New York New Music Ensemble as their new pernament flute player.  NYNME has had a profound influence on the new music scene in New York and the wold since it's creation in 1976, working with and comissioning leading composers of our time and recording and performing new works in a variety of spaces.  One of muy most memorable performances while at Juilliard was playng Charles Wuorinen's New York Notes with the AXIOM Ensemble, a piece comissioned by and written specifically for NYNME.  This piece is one of the gems of the 21st century and I had the honour of playing it with NYNME last June at June in Buffalo.  It was both intimidating and incredibly exciting and I am so glad to join them as they comission and perform more works that will become part of the canon in the future.  Don't miss this seasons concerts on Feburary 27th, March 22nd, and May 9th 2016.  To find out more, visit their website: www.nynme.org

Classical Goes Tech

November 09, 2015

I'm thrilled to be heading out to San Francisco to give a short performance and talk on a panel all about the intersection of music and technology.  Hosted by Hello Stage and Runway - don't miss it!  More information here: http://www.classicalgoestech.com

TEDX San Francisco

October 29, 2015

I'm thrilled to be speaking at TEDX San Francisco. I'll be talking about some common threads that connect different kinds of music!

Emi named 2014 Salon de Virtuosi Grant Winner

October 13, 2014

I am so honored to have been awarded a grant from the illustrious Charlotte White and her Salon de Virtuosi.  Since 1995 the Salon has fulfilled a vital dream by awarding Career Grants to the most deserving of their uniquely gifted international emerging talents. Up to this point, Salon de Virtuosi (SDV) has endowed these young artists with over $475,000 in Grants.

For more information please visit: Salon de Virtuosi


Emi at the National Flute Convention

August 08, 2014

I'm taking a quick 24 hours off from Marlboro to head to Chicago to perform my YAC winner's recital at the 2014 National Flute Convention.  Don't miss it!  Details here:http://www.nfaonline.org/Annual-Convention/

October 2013 Newsletter

October 05, 2013

Check out my October 2013 Newsletter full of summer travels, pictures, upcoming concerts and more!


Emi joins the faculty of the University at Buffalo

September 01, 2013

I am so thrilled to announce that I will be joining the Faculty of the University at Buffalo, teaching Flute and Ear Training in the coming year.  Read more about this on the Unviersity at Buffalo's website.

Emi win's prestigious Young Artist Competition at the National Flute Convention!

August 11, 2013

After one of the most grueling and stressful weeks of my life I am so excited to share that I won the Young Artist Competition at the 2013 National Flute Association Convention.  A big congratulations to all of my fellow competitors.  Looking forward to performing my winners recital at the 2014 Convention in Chicago! 

pianoSonoma 2013

August 04, 2013

Northern California looks like a Dr. Seuss novel....for adults.  All those perfectly rounded golden hills with vineyards nestled in between - heaven!  Just spent an amazing week coaching pianists at pianoSonoma, under the direction of pianists extraodinaire Michael Shinn and Jessica Chow.  Ate way too much amazing food, tasted sooo much incredible wine, and worked on some of the most beautiful French flute music.  (I even played the violin past for the g minor Brahms quartet!!) Stay tuned for New York pianoSonoma events and apply for next year's sessions here.

Gorgeous picture from Chalk Hill Vineyards, the location of our final concert.

Dame Myra Hess Concert Series

July 17, 2013

Chicago is awesome.  It's been a wonderful week catching up with old friends and having a true tour of Chicago from amazing local artist David Csicsko (if you haven't seen his work at the Belmont station go now!!)  Today's concert was packed with over 450 people cramming into the Cicago Cultural Center's stunning Preston Bradley Hall on this incredibly hot day to hear a quick 40 minutes of flute music.  What was most special was the over 30 Csicsko family members who came to Chicago to hear David's cousin, Nick Csicsko's new piece, written especially for this concert, titled "Nocturne."  The concert was broadcast on Chicago's classical music station WFMT.  You can hear the entire program here in this podcast.  Huge thank you to Ann Murray at IMFChicago for making it happen and to Nolan Pearson, pianist extraordinaire for working with me!

Check out this composer portrait David Csicsko did of his cousin composer Nicholas Csicsko.

Juilliard Global in Sao Paulo, Brasil

June 01, 2013

I think I'm offically in love with Brasil! After having spent the past ten days in São Paulo with the incredible Juilliard Global team comprised of myself, clarinetist Vasko Dukovski, cellist Claire Bryant, violist Megan Griffin, and violinist Francesca Depasquale.  During our time there we worked with Santa Marcelina Cultura, a goverment-funded program that sponsors and runs the GURI and EMESP programs which provide community music programs that give lessons, ensemble direction, and educational development to over 50,000 children in greater São Paulo.  In addition to playing numerous concerts of the Mozart Flute Quartet and Mozart Clarinet Quintet (I played the 1st violin part!!), the Villa-Lobos Jet Whistle, and Osvaldo Golijov's Lullaby and Doina, we taught many masterclasses, gave private lessons, and coached the GURI orchestra.  We had a wonderful time and I can't wait to go back!  Check out the blogs of some of my fellow Juilliard Global colleagues as well as some news coverage in the video.

Francesca Depasquale

Video News Coverage

New York Times Review

April 16, 2013

I am so thrilled to share a review by New York Times music critic Zachary Woolfe from April 12th's New Juilliard Ensemble Concert in Alice Tully Hall where I was playing as a special alumna guest artist.  I played on three of the five pieces of the night by composers David Hertzberg, Eugene Astapov, and Laura Schwendinger.  Here are a few quotes from the article about each piece:


Hertzberg: "This led to a mournfully beautiful solo for the wonderful flutist Emi Ferguson that brought her from breathy bursts to lithe melodies."

Astapov: "Ms. Ferguson also had a riveting role in Mr. Astapov’s “Myths of Ancient Bosphorus,” based on the history of the Crimean peninsula, where he is from."

Schwendinger: "But its first movement featured yet another sweet, sinuous line from Ms. Ferguson, the evening’s under-the-radar star."

Click here to see image of review



The interplay of instruments and voice (all members of the Metropolis Ensemble) in four movements of the seminal cantata “Le marteau sans maître” evoked the conversations, understandings and genial disagreements of a better society: In the eighth section, the flute line (Emi Ferguson, who stood out in an excellent group) winds through an exotic yet friendly thicket of percussion.

"featured artist Emi Ferguson, a brilliant and exceptionally versatile musician who is a virtuoso on all manner of flutes and repertory, from the Baroque to the present. She gave an intense reading of the work, fully realizing its highly dramatic and expressive parlando style, with robust support from the ensemble."

"This led to a mournfully beautiful solo for the wonderful flutist Emi Ferguson that brought her from breathy bursts to lithe melodies [who] also had a riveting role in Mr. Astapov’s “Myths of Ancient Bosphorus.” "Its first movement featured yet another sweet, sinuous line from Ms. Ferguson, the evening’s under-the-radar star."

“James Taylor performed his “You Can Close Your Eyes” followed by flutist Emi Ferguson who presented her interpretation of “Amazing Grace.”

“Emi Ferguson jouant Amazing Grace, interprêté à la flûte traversière, est l'une des images excessivement émouvante de ces cérémonies à New York.”

“The ceremony paused again in observance of the fall of the South Tower at 9:59 a.m. Solo flautist Emi Ferguson was visibly moved as she performed “Amazing Grace.” Family members and strangers alike hugged tearfully on the memorial plaza.”

“Une femme essuie ses larmes alors qu'Emi Ferguson interprète "Amazing Grace", un célèbre chant chrétien, pendant une cérémonie marquant les 10 ans des attaques du 11 septembre au Pentagone, à Washington.”

“Sunday’s ceremony was filled with many sombre — and sometimes haunting — performances, including those from flutist Emi Ferguson (who played Amazing Grace) and singer-songwriter Paul Simon (who sang Sound of Silence).”

“There were also several short musical interludes, including hauntingly beautiful performances of Amazing Grace by flautist Emi Ferguson and Songs of Silence by singer Paul Simon.”

“When flutist Emi Ferguson played “Amazing Grace” so masterfully, faces crumpled and tears could be noticed rolling down the checks of those who were there.”


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