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Emi talks about composing for flute and other instruments

What was your first composition?
I had always loved tinkering around with composition when I was younger, but the first formal piece I ever composed was actually when I was 18. I had the amazing experience of being mentored by composer Martin Amlin who has written many wonderful pieces for the flute. That experience culminated with my 2005 Sonatina for flute and piano, which I still love to play today.

What is your favorite instrument to
write for?

Selfishly, I love composing for the flute because it means that I will be able to have the thrill of playing my own music, and because I know the instrument so well – how to use it in a way that highlights its different colors and strengths. However, I’ve really enjoyed writing for other instruments. My String Quartet and Piano Sonata were particularly fun to work on because I got to explore different sounds and timbres that I don't get to work with on an everyday basis.

I've been very lucky because composition has always been an outlet of joy and creativity for me.

Why draws you to composing?
I’ve been very lucky because composition has always been an outlet of joy and creativity for me. Recently, I’ve been working a lot with electro-acoustic composition which as been a foray into a world of infinite possibilities of sound that can be both overwhelming and exhilarating at the same time. Ultimately, I love the challenge of figuring out how to bring to life the sounds that so many of us musicians hear in our heads, and thrive off the energy that a composer feels when she is sitting in a concert hall waiting to hear her piece for the first time. It’s really something else!

If you are interested in learning more about Emi's compositions or would like to order sheet music, please contact her here.